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Portable USB Two Factor Authentication Token with Advanced Smart Card Technology Whether you are looking for strong user authentication, password management, secure digital signatures or data security solutions for your organization, you need a smart card-based device. At the size of an average house key, eToken PRO is your key to strong two factor authentication, password management and secure PKI implementation token pro your organization.

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Users can securely carry all their credentials with them wherever they go, and using the eToken USB key token pro as simple as plugging in to any computer with a USB port. Highly flexible eToken PRO supports all eToken PKI and password management applications, as well as software development tools for seamless integration with third party applications.

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The token functionality can be extended to be used with your custom applications through the loading of Java applets on-board the tokens. Easy to implement By supporting industry standard security interfaces token pro systems, the eToken PRO USB key ensures easy integration with your organization's current infrastructure and security strategy.

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Cost-effective eToken PRO USB token allows strong user authentication and a variety token pro flexible security solutions without requiring any special readers or complex back-end infrastructure.